Jessica Glantz - Makeup Artist

At First Glantz


Jessica Glantz -

Makeup Artist At First Glantz

Trained with industry brands including NARS and MAC, Jess prides herself on being consistently requested because of her talents and a client-first attitude.  For your next night on the town, wedding, or make-up tutorial, let her help you 'glow-up'!  

Born and raised in Marin, Jess has  been happily working as an esthetician in the Bay Area for the past 10+ years.  Jessica also does lash extensions and waxing.

Jessica is available to  come to the   studio or meet you at her Fairfax location.


Jess Glantz

(415) 497-7101

Kaz Begley-

Hair Stylist, Owner Hairfax Studio 

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Kaz Begley-

Hair Stylist, Owner Hairfax Studio

You would think she’s a local by the way she knows her way around, until you hear her speak and realize she is an Aussie. 

Kaz is lead colorist and owner of Hairfax Studio, Madame President of the Fairfax Chamber of Commence, a Herbalist who weaves potions into life, yoga student and teacher mother and friend.


Hairfax is across the street from Creative Portraiture, so you can pair you hair appointment and  photography session.

Kaz Begley

(415) 246 8884

Michelle Moquin - Personal Wardrobe Consultant


Michelle Moquin -

Personal Wardrobe Consultant

Michelle has been a creative force in the fashion industry for over 25 years, first as a fashion designer and now as a personal wardrobe consultant. She believes that when people feel and look their best, their lives and the lives of those around them are transformed – their confidence skyrockets, and their personal and professional lives are significantly improved. 

Yes, it’s about clothing, but it’s really about connection-connection to ourselves and connection to each other.

Michelle Moquin